EXCLUSIVE: Sonali Bendre talks about going bald and wearing wigs during her cancer battle

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Actor Sonali Bendre was diagnosed with metastatic cancer in 2018. After being diagnosed with it, she went to New York for treatment. During an exclusive interview with Bollywood Bubble, she revealed that she was at the fourth stage when she found out about her cancer and the doctor had told her she had a 30% chance of survival. Now, in the interview, Sonali Bendre further spoke about losing hair and wearing wigs during her cancer battle.

Considering that this is the glamour industry and actors often take care of their looks, Sonali was asked about her dealing with hair loss. The actor told us, “When I realized this was the conversation and when we decided that okay I’m going to share the journey, the first thing that I said was I don’t want sympathy and I’m not going to put this ‘oh my god’, ‘weeping, crying’, no, that’s not what I’m going to put out but that doesn’t mean I’m going to lie. I’m going to be extremely truthful but that doesn’t mean while being truthful because I want to be positive about it, I will put the positive picture out. I’m not going to hide the pain though but that was this thing of it. I think I’ve done every hair product that is out there when I was modelling. Every brand of hair product I must have done, so hair was literally the crowning glory. Plus being in a profession which is all about looks, I felt that when I was brought up when we stood in front of the mirror, we got one whack on our head and we were not allowed to look into the mirror too often. My mother would always say that beauty is what is inside and this is out of it.


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I was brought up like that and I thought I embodied it. I know it, that little guroor (pride) of youth that I am doing it, I know it, and then you realise how much you don’t know so this when you actually live a situation is when you realize that you really don’t know. You think you are not vain but you are. I was very and I still am I think that I’m learning to live with it but yes there is that grain of vanity and looks do, I mean I would not want it to but they do and that’s how it has been for me so it was very hard,” the Sarfarosh actor continued.

Speaking about wearing wigs, Sonali revealed that she has multiple wigs and uses like hats. “I never really did wear it as much I still have them and when I got it also I said the wigs are going to be like my hats so as I wear hats and I change them you know one look this and the other look short hair and long hair and whatever if I felt like it but eventually it was just too much of an effort and actually I it sounds crazy probably but it was just so much easier to not have hair you just got ready faster and you just left the room I just ended up not really wearing it as much,” the Broken News actor said.

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