Ganesh Acharya threatens to file a defamation case against the woman who accused him of harassment

Image Source - Instagram

Choreographer Ganesh Acharya was accused by a 33-year-old female choreographer of depriving her of work and demanding commission in her income. The complainant also further adds that Acharya forced her to watch adult videos with him. Recently, Ganesh opened up about these allegations and said that he is being targetted.

Ganesh, who is the General Secretary of Indian Film and Television Choreographers Association (IFTCA) told Firstpost, “I haven’t met her [the complainant] personally. Such allegations will come up as I have taken a stand against coordinators and supported dance masters and dancers. Why should the federation have dance coordinators? Due to exploitation by these coordinators, today dancers are in the worst condition. Since I’m supporting dancers and dance masters, I am being targetted. And I will continue to fight against them and will keep supporting these dancers. I’ll file a defamation case against them, as I want to teach them a lesson.

The woman in question is a member of Indian Film & Television Choreographers Association. Acharya is the General Secretary of the same association.

Recently, Saroj Khan too had bashed Acharya for misusing his position and manipulating the dancers of the Cine Dancers Association (CDA). Acharya had clearly denied all the allegations levelled against him by the veteran choreographer.

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