“Gulaab Gang is about empowering women”

With the release of the film less than a fortnight away, the makers of ‘Gulaab Gang’ seem to be very confident of the film that they have made. With the kind of response they have got to the promos, we say that they have every reason to be confident.




Anubhav Sinha has produced the film along with Mushtaq Shiekh, who is the associate producer, while Sahara Movie Studios is the Co – Producer. We caught up with Mushtaq Shiekh and asked him whether he was nervous with the films release just around he corner. He says, “ I wouldn’t say nervous but there is a lot of excitement. We are very confident about the film that we have made and believe that the audience is going to receive it well. Gulaab Gang is a complete package, it has a brilliant story, a sound script and stellar performances by Madhuri and Juhi. I feel that this year will belong to Gulaab Gang!” Now that sounds like a confident producer.

The film releases on 7th March all over.