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Gulzar commenting on #MeToo movement, says Cinema is not a Bible to teach people

Image Source - Telangana Today

After Big Bollywood stars, the ace lyricist Gulzar has now commented on Bollywood’s #MeToo movement, which was initiated by Tanushree Dutta after she accused the senior actor Nana Patekar of a sexual misconduct on the sets of their film ten years back.

The veteran filmmaker and lyricist, Gulzar was interacting with media a recent event in Mumbai. At the event, he was asked about the MeToo movement happening in the country. Addressing the media, Gulzar said, “Cinema is not like a bible which will teach people to be good a human being, but it is rather a mirror which reflects the society.”

Gulzar MeToo Bollywood
Image Source - BN Wikipedia

He went on further explaining his opinion and said “Cinema is a reflection of the society. If we say harassment of women or a girl is happening only in cinema, then I don’t think so. It has spread all over the society. Cinema has yet spared you where sexual harassment cases are still occurring with the 4-year-old girl and an 8-year-old girl and thank God that cinema hasn’t put that mirror in front of people. But beware, cinema has started reflecting every part of your life”.

Gulzar who gave a new vision to the society after delivering a good number of social films believes that the cinema cannot teach people how to be good human being.

The wise man delving deep into the matter said, “It is not that cinema will teach us good values and morals to carry. Cinema is not meant for that. If you are thinking that cinema is like a Bible which will teach you to be a good human, then you are mistaken”.

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