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Why does Hrithik Roshan needs 3 cars to travel?

Siddharth Anand’s upcoming thriller ‘Bang Bang’ has been facing stumbling blocks since its inception, first with the main lead Hrithik Roshan undergoing Brain Surgery and now the actress Katrina Kaif too getting injured. Well the latest is that Hrithik Roshan’s back problem has aggravated to such  an extent that the actor has taken to travelling in three cars to the shoot.

As per sources, “Hrithik Roshan is often in excruciating pain. He can’t sit in one position or even in one kind of seat for more than half an hour. Therefore, Hrithik Roshan travels in three cars to locations. Hrithik has to keep changing his seating position. He cannot travel in the same car for a long duration.

He therefore travels with a fleet three cars all speeding bumper-to-bumper. He gets out of one car after a while, gets into another car and then gets into the third one to make sure his back is not subjected to an identical seating position for too long.”

Sources further added that, “Hrithik is going through a lot emotionally and physically. He doesn’t discuss his marital problems with anyone. He never brings his home stress to work. As far as his health is concerned, the Bang Bang team is trying its best to make Hrithik the least uncomfortable.

But it’s not easy for him to shoot with that back. But he will make it. It’s a commitment he has made. Hrithik’s back problem is at its worst right now. But he isn’t giving up. He’s a fighter. The film has complicated action scenes. And he’s sailing through them. Seeing him in ‘Bang Bang’, the audience won’t be able to guess that Hrithik was in too much pain off camera to even travel in one car for long stretches of time.”

With a race against time to release the movie on time Hrithik is giving his best for the shoot.

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