Hrithik Roshan new look

Hrithik Roshan who is said to be the  heart throb of masses  is also known as style icon for his sense of dressing.Last year, the 39-year-old was voted as the ultimate style icon in an online survey conducted by Yahoo! India. But contrary to his image of Style Icon Hrithik Roshan doesn’t ponder too much over his clothes and dresses and grabs anything from his closet.he confesses there are times when he thinks he is looking  uber cool, but his wife Sussanne sends him back to change into something appropriate.


While doing a photo shoot for a fabric brand that he has been endorsing since March 2011 the actor said,”There are lot of things in my wardrobe, which have accumulated by themselves, somehow. I just put my hand inside almost with a blind eye and whatever my hand grabs that’s what I wear for that day,(I’m) Quite embarrassed when I put something together and think that I am looking fashionable and then Sussanne or someone would send me back, ‘Change your clothes, what is this’.”

Well if every second person starts dressing like Hrithik, then we shall see a generation of Uber-Cool Indians.