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Indian Medical Association to boycott ‘Gabbar is Back’

Akshay Kumar‘s ‘Gabbar Is Back‘ has rubbed the medical fraternity in a wrong maner. The Indian Medical Association has demanded removal of a scene from Akshay Kumar– starrer “Gabbar is Back”. They have expressed anger over the way the medical profession has been projected in a “derogatory and unrealistic” manner in the movie.

The scene in question, to which the medical fraternity has taken umbrage is, doctors providing medical treatment to a person who was already “dead” before arriving at the hospital. The IMA has demanded that the scene should be withdrawn immediately.

National President of IMA Dr A Marthanda Pillai and Secretary General Dr K K Aggarwal said in a joint statement. “The Indian Medical Association is in deep anguish about the way the medical profession has been projected in the movie ‘Gabbar is Back’. Its portrayal is derogatory and unrealistic and we together stand against it. With cases of violence against doctors on the rise, a totally unjustified message such as this one as shown in the movie will only add fuel to the fire and further provoke public outrage against the medical profession.”

They further added that, “The IMA wants the above-referred scene to be withdrawn from the movie immediately. Till such time that this is done, the movie should be boycotted and banned. The IMA feels that if the Censor Board, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Health Ministry or the Home Ministry do not take any immediate action against this, IMA will be forced to start a public protest against the movie.”

They have already sent the video clipping of the scene, to its 2.5 lakh doctor members for creating an awareness about the issue with a request to them to boycott the film.

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