Kabir Khan on MS Dhoni and Kapil Dev: There is something that makes legends similar

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Kabir Khan is all set for his next Ranveer Singh starrer ’83’ that is based on the life of Kapil Dev and the World Cup victory of 1983 by the Indian Cricket Team. Amidst this, recently in a conversation with Neha Dhupia on the show ‘No Filter Neha’, Kabir Khan spoke about the two most celebrated cricketers in the nation that is Kapil Dev and MS Dhoni.

Calling the two ace cricketers legends, Kabir said, “There are huge similarities I mean, they are both legends right and there is something that makes legends in a certain sense similar, it’s that absolute focus on what you want to achieve and nothing ever lets you waver from that target and I think that is something both Kapil and Dhoni have in common in the stories that I approached in terms of the Dhoni documentary, it was more about the comeback in the IPL how they went on to win after they were banned and with Kapil Dev, it’s about this completely uncelebrated Indian team that lands up in London who nobody has hopes in and they actually win the World Cup.

He said that Dhoni and Dev, both, have a very strong self-belief, he said, “One thing that is very common is the strong belief that they had in themselves. You know, when everybody was saying this cannot happen, when everybody was telling Dhoni guys that it cannot happen, you cannot make this comeback especially with this team he had put together because everybody was talking about how old the team is, with Kapil Dev everybody was saying that these bunch of guys they have never won any significant one day match ever. They are not gonna have a chance in the World Cup. But they believed they could do it, both of them had this belief. I don’t think it’s about them just saying it after they have won it, it’s about us speaking to people around them and that time when nobody believed it they could do it. And that I think is a big similarity.”

While there are similarities, Kabir believes that there are differences between the two cricketers as well because of their individuality and their way to approach the method. He said, “I know Kapil Dev much more than I got to know Dhoni, I couldn’t spend that much time with him, unfortunately. But with Kapil Dev, there was this whole process was something, he was 24 years old at that point of time, they all thought they were coming for a Holiday, 7 to 8 of them were prepared to go for these extended honeymoons after that and they were all hoped to travel outpost the group matches because never had India reached the semi-finals of the World Cup so they were all definitely were not going to be the first ones. And then how slowly one by one because of Kapil’s belief and what Kapil was doing and what the others were also doing on the field, they started cancelling their trip to the US. But, Kapil really led from the front and that is something really comes across in this story, how he just never let that belief slip and he truly played a captain.”

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