Kangana Ranaut joins Twitter; credits Sushant Singh Rajput for her decision- watch video

Image Source - Instagram

Kangana Ranaut has officially made her way to Twitter. So far her team had been the link between the actress and her fans. But, now Kangana’s fans can directly connect with her as she has officially joined Twitter. The actress took to her Twitter handle and said that it was Sushant’s case and the power of the fans that inspired her to join the social media platform.

Kangana shared a video message where she spoke about joining Twitter. In the video, she said, “It has been 15 years since I have been working in films. In these years, there have been many occasions when there have been moments of pressure to join social media. Agencies and several brands know that I have let go deals worth crores where there was just one clause that I should be on social media. I have been called a witch (chudail) and people have taken advantage of the fact that I am not on social media. I chose to stay away from social media as I never felt any distance from my audience. I have always felt that if I had to say anything, why should I do so in a rudimentary way; through films, I have talked about women empowerment and nationalism. I believed that I would do so in an artistic way. That has been my stance for long.”

She further credited Sushant’s case as the inspiration to join Twitter, “This year, however, I noticed the power of social media. I have seen how the entire world came together to fight for Sushant and have got success, that has truly made me feel positive about things. I am hopeful that if we all get together, we can raise our voice and initiate reforms. That is the reason this month I joined Twitter and I am excited. I want your continued help and association. I am looking forward to this amazing journey where there are so many amazing people. Thank You for this opportunity.”

Well, it will be interesting to see how the Twitter-sphere will turn out in Kangana’s presence.

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