Katrina Kaif reveals the real reason behind ‘Phantom’s failure

Katrina Kaif and Saif Ali Khan starrer ‘Phantom’ had terribly tanked at the box office. Neither did the film manage to entice the audience nor did the critics give it a positive review. In all it was a disaster! This failure also followed her next film ‘Fitoor’. And well, Katrina Kaif does not refrain from accepting the fact that ‘Phantom’ and ‘Fitoor’ were a major failure.

As of now, she is on her toes promoting her upcoming film ‘Baar Baar Dekho’ which does not seem to follow ‘Phantom’ or ‘Fitoor’s footsteps as there is too much of buzz around the film to make it a hit. So Katrina recently revealed the reason why ‘Phantom’ failed. The lady accepted the fact that she did not give her cent percent to the film. She was quoted saying, “I feel, in both those films (‘Phantom’, ‘Fitoor’), my concentration was not 100 percent. My priorities were slightly different at that point in time. I guess I was in a very relaxed space. My focus was not 1,000 percent like it should have been on a film set. That was also an important lesson for me to learn. If a person takes things for granted or takes it easy, it will always show and the film will obviously suffer. I know I could have done better. Not that I didn’t try, I did. Especially in ‘Fitoor’, we all tried a lot. But maybe, I could have tried harder and could have given more.”

Okay then! Let’s wait and watch for ‘Baar Baar Dekho’ that will make it to the theatres on September 9.

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