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Lucky Ali’s third wife Kate Elizabeth Hallam on separation: I didn’t want divided attention

Singer-composer-actor Lucky Ali was married to Kate Elizabeth Hallam for the third time but that got separated in 2017. In an interview with The Times of India, Kate has spoken at length about her marriage to Lucky Ali and why it didn’t work. A friend of Kate once predicted that she would marry in India, so she came to India. “I was a foreigner in a new land, totally drawn by India’s beauty and mysticism… so, it felt right to get married when Maqsood (Lucky Ali) proposed. At that point, I did not know who Lucky Ali was, nor his popularity in India, I had married Maqsood,” said Kate.

Lucky was earlier married to Meaghan Jane McCleary. Then in 2000, he married Anahita, a Parsi woman. Eventually, it became hard for Kate to cope with the ‘divided attention’ between the three families. “Anahita and Meaghan are strong women, who I respect a lot. They, too, have been in the same situation and we have that in common. I like them for who they are and we are amicable with each other,” she said.

Kate and Lucky have an eight-year-old son Dani and they didn’t lead their separation affect their son. They are in contact as both want the best for their child.

Kate said, “Dani has a funny side to him, like his late grandfather Mehmood. Dani takes everything in his stride. Also, he gets a lot of love from both Maqsood and I, so he doesn’t feel vulnerable. He enjoys the best of both worlds.”

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