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Madhuri Dixit was one of the most popular and loved Bollywood actresses during the 90s. Thus, when she decided to get married to Dr Shriram Nene and move to the US, the whole nation was quite surprised. However, they returned to India after a while and Madhuri Dixit has been working again since. Today, they make for a dreamy couple but even they have had their difficult times.

Madhuri Dixit on the tough days of her marriage

Being partner with a medical professional isn’t easy because of their uncertain work timings. And Madhuri also faced that during the initial phase of her marriage. Talking about it on her husband’s YouTube channel, she shared, “It’s tough because of the kind of time you guys have to keep. Whether it’s day night and the call schedules, sometimes your every other day call, sometimes you are on like maybe skip one day and you are on call.”

Madhuri on managing the kids and family

Since Dr Nene was out on field, sometimes even missing major moments, Madhuri had to take up the role of the homemaker. She took care of the house and their kids, Arin and Ryan, on her own and had everything run smoothly. Discussing that, she said, “It’s hard because then you are the one who is looking after the kids, taking them to school, getting them back and stuff like that. Also, the timings, there might have something important happening but you are not there, because you are in the hospital looking after someone else. Sometimes I might be sick and you have to take care of someone else. Those are the things.”

Madhuri on the beautiful part of her marriage

However, in spite of all the challenges, Madhuri Dixit said she is very proud of her husband. She loves his patience and the way he fought for his patients. The actress even said that she lived her best life post marriage. She added, “After I got married, I lived my life because we went out, we travelled a lot and we did a lot of adventure sports which I never did earlier. It just enriched my life and made me a better person. It also gave me a flight of fancy sometimes. Having a supportive spouse like this, who loves you and cares about you regardless of what happens, is critical to the journey. Both of us have very challenging careers.”

Today, Madhuri and Dr Nene make for an ideal couple. Someone everyone loves and adores. While Madhuri gave up her career for a while to support her husband, even he did the same later on. They truly make for equal partners.

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