Mahesh Bhatt – Worst is Not Round the Corner for Salman Khan

Superstar Salman Khan will be tried for a more serious charge- Indian Penal Code Section 304-II (culpable homicide not amounting to murder), which attracts a maximum punishment of 10 years , hearing this news Bollywood gathered in support of the star ,they have voiced their opinion that he is being targeted due to his celebrity status.

Mahesh Bhatt said, “As an insider, I beg with folded hands and bent knees that Salman be looked at as a common man. There are so many cases of accidents happening with lakhs of people dying, but I don’t see nation’s heart bleeding then. I think celebrity bashing satiates the baser emotions of sadists. In this case, let me assure you that there is no reason to imagine that sky has fallen and the worst is around the corner for Salman. First of all, it can’t be called a case of hit and run as nobody is running away. My informed sources say that unless the due process of law is exhausted, all those jumping to conclusions that this is the end of the Road for Salman, will be disappointed.”

Subhash Ghai too felt the same , “Personally, I am very close to him. He is an excellent human being, who has been helping out people. The judiciary will do justice. But rich or poor, everyone has to be treated equally. Just because Salman is a celebrity, everything is being blown out of proportion. He is a huge asset to the industry. More than a superstar, he commands respect from every corner.”

We just hope the law will consider this and give relief to Salman Khan.