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#MeToo: Aahana Kumra says she was disillusioned by Bollywood and even contemplated suicide

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#MeToo movement has exposed quite a few myths and in a way exposed the true colours of Bollywood. Now, actress Aahana Kumra has shared her ordeal and how she dealt with Sajid Khan and Anirban Das Blah(both of them have been named and shamed by several women). Aahana is known for her role in Alankrita Shrivastava’s film ‘Lipstick Under My Burkha’.

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Aahana Kumra’s story is no different than anyone else’s and she revealed that she even contemplated committing suicide at one point of time. “I am a different person today. About five years ago, I was disillusioned by this culture of Bollywood, and there was no one to pull me out of it. I was on the verge of committing suicide because this culture is so normalised by certain people. I couldn’t live with who I was anymore. I started questioning myself about who I had become. I was not what my parents expected me to be. It has taken me a lot to come out of it,” she told PinkVilla.

Aahana had unpleasant experiences with Sajid Khan and Anirban Blah. Talking about her unpleasant experiences she told Bombay Times, “Sajid Khan once messaged me, ‘Oh, you can look hot in a bikini also!’ I think it shocked him that I could look good in a bikini. This was after our meeting. Talent managers like Anirban Blah speak horribly to aspiring actresses. What is wrong with these men? A handful of directors feel that inhi logon ke paas kaam hai (only they have the power to give people work). Phantom dissolved the company citing various issues, weren’t they aware of what was happening in it? We should not pass the buck. We are all responsible. Anirban Blah met me at the lobby of a five-star hotel and said, ‘There’s a room here. Let’s negotiate there.’ I walked out of that meeting because I wasn’t comfortable. It didn’t go down well with me. That’s ‘normal’ conversation he has with women. The day I chatted with him, I was shaken.”

She further said that what actress Saloni Chopra went through with Sajid Khan happened with her as well. Sajid Khan made her uncomfortable by asking her bizarre questions and said ‘Would you have sex with a dog if I gave you ‘100 crores’?

Aahana further said that she is looking for a simple, ‘Sorry’. The actress also said that not all men are sleazy and it all depends on your conduct and how you behave.

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