Here is the movie that made Katrina Kaif cry

Katrina Kaif has become quite social after joining social media. The actress has been posting pictures and updates about her personal and professional life on Facebook and she also recently held a small Facebook live session, answering the questions that her fans had for her.

Apart from talking about betrayal, heartbreaks and more, another revelation about the actress came to the forefront. A fan asked Kat to name one which movie she cried while watching. To this, the actress was prompt to reply saying, ‘Udta Punjab’. Well yes. Katrina actually cried while watching the Shahid Kapoor and Alia Bhatt-starrer and there were two reasons.

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She said, “That one is easy. Movie that made me cry is ‘Udta Punjab’, for two reasons. I cried in the movie because it was genuinely moving, touching and sad. And the other reason I cried – I wasn’t in the movie. It was not me who had done that role, it was not me who had done that performance. There was crying in the movie and there was crying after the movie.” she said.

Well sure. The film was hard-hitting and everyone just loved Shahid and Alia in the film.