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Veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah is always vocal about his opinions. Recently, in an interview with a YouTube channel, Karwan e Mohabbat, the actor spoke about the controversial term ‘love jihad’. He asked those people who coined this term if they even know the meaning of Jihad. Naseeruddin who is married to Ratna Pathak Shah said in the interview that his mother was against the idea of converting one’s religion.

While talking about the controversial term ‘love jihad’, Naseeruddin said that he is really furious with the way divisions that are being created; he gave the example of the love jihad tamasha in UP. “Firstly, the people who coined this phrase don’t know the meaning of the word jihad. I don’t think that anyone would be so stupid to actually believe that Muslims will overtake the Hindu population, it is unimaginable. For that, Muslims will have to have so many babies. So, this whole notion is unreal,” he said. Shah further said that people not only want to discourage interfaith marriages but also want to ‘curtail social interactions between Hindus and Muslims’.


The Bandish Bandits actor said that he and his wife have taught their children about every religion but they have never told them that they belong to any particular religion because Naseeruddin always believed that these differences would slowly fade away. He said, “I believed that my marriage to a Hindu woman would set a healthy precedent. I don’t think this is wrong.”

The 70-year-old actor further revealed that when he was about to get married to Ratna Pathak Shah, his mother had asked if he would want her to convert to his religion and his answer was no.

While talking about the ideologies of his mother on religion, Naseeruddin said, “My uneducated mother, brought up in an orthodox household, prayed five times a day, observed Roza all her life, went for the Haj pilgrimage, she said, ‘The things that have been taught to you in your childhood how can that change? It is not right to change one’s religion’.”

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