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Nawazuddin Siddiqui: Sridevi’s appreciation made me shy and uncomfortable

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Today is the first death anniversary of Bollywood’s legendary actress Sridevi. The beautiful actress passed away on this day in Dubai, where she had gone to attend the wedding of her nephew, actor Mohit Marwah. Sridevi was found dead in her hotel washroom. The late actress was one of the most talented actresses of Bollywood and had worked with several A-listers and not just dominated the Hindi industry, but also the Tamil industry. And those who worked with her must be thanking their luck. Nawazuddin Siddiqui was one of those lucky actors who got chance to work with the legendary actress. He worked with Sridevi in ‘MOM’.

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In an exclusive interview with Times Now, Nawazuddin Siddiqui recalled some of the fondest of memories with the legendary actress. Sharing an instance which is very close to him, the actor said, “Sridevi had invited very few to her birthday party. I was shooting in Dubai when I got a call from Boney Kapoor asking me to join the birthday party. There was no way I could have flown back to Mumbai..the shooting schedule was as such so I told him that it looks difficult. But then I got a call from Sri ma’am and when she personally asked me to come, I couldn’t say no. I left everything and just went for the birthday. It was a really cosy party with just 4-5 of them.”

Nawazuddin further stated that there is no other actor as honest, as dedicated as Sridevi. “I loved her sense of humour. She had a certain mischeviousness in her which I really admired. Even during the promotions of MOM, she had made everything so much fun and light with her energy. Her dedication towards work is another thing that you cannot notice on the set. Like for instance, if she is shooting for a scene, she wouldn’t sit on the chair until she gets that scene right..even if it took five hours or six hours, she would just refuse to sit,” he added.

On being asked if Sridevi ever complimented him for his performance, Nawazuddin answered saying, “She would keep appreciating me so much but I would feel too shy or rather say uncomfortable. After all, she is such a big actress, such a talented actress…when someone of her stature compliments you, it just doesn’t sink in.”

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