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Actress Neelima Azeem was 20-year-old when she married Pankaj Kapur in 1979. In 1981, Shahid Kapoor was born. Three years later they parted ways. Neelima single-handedly raised her son Shahid. Then she tied the knot with Rajesh Khattar and then Ishaan was born. But, the second marriage of the actress also didn’t last long. Neelima and Rajesh divorced.

In a recent chat on Bollywood Bubble’s Her Story, Neelima opened up about her sons and her equations with them.


On Shahid, she said, “He is very sensitive and also very introspective. He also has a deep philosophical side to him which is also because of the way things played out in his life, largely through what happened to me and all that he experienced. The only good thing that we can think of is that when you emerge stronger, braver and lighter and more beautiful.”

She added, “They were able to understand the strengths of life because of that. So, it became great learning for them. Maybe they didn’t know that. They weren’t aware of the fact that they were turning out so beautifully. They just literally turned from caterpillars into butterflies with such beautiful colours in their wings. So, they spread such beautiful joy through their art and artistry and otherwise also, as human beings I am proud of them because they have a very strong value system, they are very neat, honest, brave, and are not judgemental about other people. That is very important. They are living their lives neat and clean”.

Neelima further said, “Shahid is very kind and I feel wonderful and safe around him. With Ishaan, I have this wonderful sense of companionship where we are similar in certain ways and we move in rhythm very well together. I feel very comfortable with him and that is with Shahid also.”

You can watch the full interview here.

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