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Neha Dhupia reveals how she battles trolls; says, “I choose not to read, but I know they’re lurking on my wall”

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A few months back, Neha Dhupia landed in a controversy over an episode of the reality show ‘Roadies Revolution’. She became a victim of trolls and memes on her started making rounds on the internet. Though later, Neha issued a clarification on her remark but her family members were also harassed by trolls.

We recently had a conversation with Neha Dhupia, where we asked her on how she doesn’t let these things affect her and stay strong. To which Neha said, “I think it’s a misconception. Trolls do affect me and I would be lying if I say it doesn’t. When somebody goes around and trolls me, my husband, daughter, parents, my work any of that, it’s not easy to take. I was trolled senseless and I put my side of the story and after that, I may have come across that I’m not affected by it but of course, I am. There is a reason why these guys are faceless and there is a reason why the guys use other people’s pictures and hide behind them. There is probably going to be the reason that they will pick this interview up and make memes about me.”

She continued, “I don’t know where the motivation comes from and I only feel bad. Sooner or later, they are going to be pulled up. There are people whose accounts have been taken down and there are people who have been publicly humiliated. Because these people have done and said disgusting things to other women and it’s not ok.”

“I choose not to read the comments but I know they are there lurking on my wall,” she added.

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