OMG! Shahid Kapoor abuses onscreen

Shahid Kapoor has a huge fan following among the youth and teenagers. And so his fans tend to follow what he does and get easily influenced by him. So in such a situation, there rests a lot of responsibility on his shoulders.

Though R… Rajkumar has been given a “UA” certificate by the censor board there is a scene in the movie where Shahid who is in anger utters the “BC” word.

The censor board asked the word be removed. The film’s team argued back saying it was critical meant when Shahid’s character loses his cool. But the censor board was adamant.

Prabhu Deva is nonchalant about the impact and momentum of the tense scene being diluted. “It’s okay.We made the film for kids also. We didn’t want to lose out on the younger viewership.

Though that word was necessary for Shahid’s character at that point of time in the story, there are other ways of conveying anger. I wouldn’t want kids to see Shahid use such words,” says Prabhu Deva.

Well Shahid using such words in Kaminey or Haider is fine as they are Adult oriented but not R… Rajukumar for sure.