Padmaavat: Kids dancing on ‘Khalibali’ will make Ranveer Singh’s day for sure

Image Source - Youtube

‘Padmaavat’ is surely getting a lot of accolades not only critically but also at the box office. The moolah in India till yesterday was approximately over Rs 215 Crores. But more than the box office collection, it is the love that the film is getting from all quarters. We chanced upon a video on the internet where we can see a bunch of kids dancing on Ranveer Singh‘s song from the film ‘Padmaavat’. Quite visibly, Khalibali is playing on the big screen and in front of it, kids are evidently trying to match Ranveer Singh’s energy.

Now, we aren’t sure if this video is from India or overseas but Ranveer Singh is surely going to love watching these kids. On the other hand, Ranveer Singh too is one elated actor. Singh, yesterday stepped out for a friend and photographer Rohan Shreshtha and asked the waiting media if they watched the ‘Padmaavat’ and did they like it. He also hopes that it gets awards!

Now look who’s already waiting for 2019 awards to kickstart?