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Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap’s ex-wives, Aarti Bajaj and Kalki Koechlin have spoken in his defence after he was accused of sexual misconduct by Payal Ghosh. Aarti called it ‘cheapest stunt’ on her Instagram post while Kalki issued a statement today in which she hailed Anurag who has ‘defended women’s integrity in both ‘professional space’ and ‘personal life’.

Reacting to Anurag’s wives’ support, Payal told Bollywood Hungama, “Now they are coming and defending because they know they have to defend him because that is how the industry works and maybe they have some financial connection and I don’t want to talk on that. I just want to know if he was such a good person, then why both his wives have left him and they are living peacefully after that?”


There are several celebs from the fraternity supporting and defending Anurag Kashyap. On this, Payal said, “He is influential in the industry and has a lobby with his friends together. So, his friends who know each other won’t talk in support of me. I don’t expect it because I have the truth with me and will be with that.”

Yesterday, Anurag’s lawyer had issued a statement denying the allegations. The statement read: “My client, Anurag Kashyap, has been deeply pained by the false allegations of sexual misconduct that have recently surfaced against him. These allegations are completely false, malicious and dishonest. It is sad that a social movement as important as the #metoo movement has been co-opted by vested interests and reduced to a mere tool for character assassination. Fictitious allegations of this nature seriously undermine the movement and seek to unconscionably trade upon the pain and trauma of actual victims of sexual harassment and abuse. My client has been advised about his rights and remedies in law and intends to pursue them to the fullest extent – Priyanka Khimani.”

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