Purab Kohli and his take on fatherhood!

The ‘Rock On’ star, Purab Kohli, may not have received the appreciation that he deserves in the film industry, but now with his upcoming film, ‘Rock On 2’, Purab seems to be completely charged up. Another reason for him to rejoice is that he has a little angel in life, his daughter Inaya. Now we all know that Purab and his fiancee had a Baby before tying the knot, which is quiet unconventional in our society. But for Purab, being a father is the biggest blessing.

He is currently giving out a lot of interviews to promote ‘Rock On 2’ and in one these interviews, the star spoke at length about how fatherhood has changed him. He was quoted saying, “Fatherhood has changed everything yaar. It is a gift I wish upon everybody especially of a baby girl. Like I am thinking how soon can I run out of this interview and go home, before she goes to sleep. You start thinking in that direction. When you have a child, you stop living for yourself. Mothers think fathers are useless but we as fathers are not that useless. Lucy in fact points out this to me that none of her friend’s husbands have had this strong relationship with their baby. Inaya and I have good connection and we have lot of fun together. She looks out for me and has a smirk in her eyes when she sees me.”

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Talking about the pressure that he faced when he decided to have a baby before marriage he said, “My mother had a concern. She was the most concerned. But of course, when Inaya was conceived, we weren’t married. It didn’t really matter to both of us. Lucy called me and said ‘We are having a baby’ and my first reaction was ‘Wow’. I said lets do it. There was pressure and my family wanted us to get married before the baby was born. But I was very adamant to do it before the baby was born because I didn’t want her to feel that we got into a relationship because she was coming. Her coming into this World has transformed both our lives to the better. She is really our love child. And she has bloomed more love between the two of us and has made me love my life more by coming into it. I don’t want her to ever feel that it was not meant to be. It was meant to be in every possible way. She was a Force of nature that nothing could stop from coming.”