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Quarantine drives Twinkle Khanna to ‘breaking point’, says, “About to shoot myself with a glue gun”

Image Source - Instagram

Akshay Kumar‘s wife Twinkle Khanna is one of the funniest personalities in Bollywood. The actress does not shy away from showing her clumsy situations of social media and pokes quite a lot of fun on it. Due to the Coronavirus lockdown, access to the most basic things has become difficult and something similar is happening in Twinkle’s home as she is facing middle-class problems of broken specs and slipper.

Twinkle took to her Instagram recently to share a video of herself, struggling to keep her specs and slipper together. Well, Twinkle has quite a few things broken along with a foot and that is a broken spectacle and a broken slipper.

In the video, Twinkle said that she has been losing track of how many days that they have been locked down, but she was still managing by taping a pair of broken spectacles together, she continued, “but now I’m literally at breaking point because this wonderful slipper that I was wearing to match this particular shoe (panning her camera to her other leg which is plastered) has now broken and we are trying to glue it together and unfortunately, it is not working,” as she broke into fits of laughter.

Well, you can hear hints of hubby Akshay laughing in the background and from the looks of the video, son Aarav is miserably trying to glue the slipper back so it is manageable. The caption read, “I know there are bigger problems, but this has driven me to breaking point rather literally! #AboutToShootMyselfWithAGlueGun”

Check out the video below:

Twinkle Khanna had sent the internet in a frenzy when she posted a video of her hospital run on a Sunday morning. With the current outbreak of Coronavirus, that is the first thought that pops in your head when you see someone headed to the hospital. Twinkle revealed that she does not have Coronavirus, but instead she has broken the leg.

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