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Ram Kapoor lashes out at people who are trolling Sunny Leone

Few days ago, Sunny Leone and her husband Daniel Weber turned parents by adopting a Baby girl named Nisha. While the actress was flooded with congratulations messages on social media, her daughter was also trolled and a lot of people questioned what would Nisha feel when she comes to know that her parents were adult stars. Well, Sunny’s ‘Kuch Kuch Locha Hai’ co-star, Ram Kapoor is quite upset with the trolls are that happening on the social media and has spoken in support of Sunny Leone.

Ram said, “I find this absolutely ridiculous. People need to realise that she has not broken any laws. Whatever her past is and whatever her choices have been, she has done that in a country where it’s allowed and legal, and not in this country where it’s illegal. She has made her choice as an adult and she lives by them. She is not one of those women who regrets any of her decisions or past. She is very level-headed.”

“I’ve spent a lot of time with them and they obviously would have thought about this for a long time before they decided to go ahead with adoption. [Also] On how she will raise her child or what will the child go through when she finds out about her parents’ past, is something that is private to them and their family,” he added. (Also Read: A note to Sunny Leone’s daughter: Know that you’re in strength)

Ram also lashed out to people who said that Sunny won’t be a good parent. The actor said, “The [career] choices you have made in life have no bearing on what kind of a parent you are going to be. What if you were some banker or were an employee in an office, but you were a shitty parent?”

The actor further stated that people should stop trolling celebrities on the social media. He said, “You can discuss, talk about their work, fashion sense and whatever they do in their professional life. India needs to grow up. When the person has not broken any law and hasn’t upset any system in any way, and has technically made all her choices by herself and with her own mind, and not under pressure or stress from someone else, then what business does anyone else have to judge him or her?”

Well, we quite agree with whatever Ram has stated.

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