Ranveer shares scintillatingly scathing stills of him as ‘Khalibali’ Khilji

Image Source - Twitter (@ranveerofficial)

Have you seen pure, unadulterated evil, scaring you as it stares at you from the big screen? The biggest of actors from across the world have managed the feat and that is exactly what Ranveer Singh has achieved with his scathing act in ‘Padmaavat’. Ranveer as Alauddin Khilji has managed the feat of pure evil and hatred and one can’t just help but be in awe of the actor.

Image Source - Twitter

And now, with the movie’s release, everyone is praising the actor for the menace he has brought on screen. Ranveer has done the unthinkable, as the jovial actor has embraced the dark of Khilji amazingly well. And today, the actor has taken to Twitter to share two stills of himself as Khilji, from the song ‘Khalibali’. Take a look. (Also Read: The Villainous Streak! Ranveer’s ‘Khilji’ act BEATS Aamir’s ‘Dhoom’ in USA)

Pure evil, and scary as hell. Even the fact that he is enamoured by Padmavati doesn’t tone down his wickedness. Don’t you think?

‘Padmaavat’ released on this January 25th, after multiple hurdles and protests. However, despite the attempts to malign it by unsocial elements, the movie is winning the race of box office.

The movie stars Deepika Padukone in the titular role of Queen Padmavati and Shahid Kapoor as Maharawal Ratan Singh.