EXCLUSIVE: Raveena Tandon on working with Yash in KGF: He would explain his scenes to me, give cues

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KGF: Chapter 2 was released in theatres on April 14 and we saw actors Raveena Tandon and Sanjay Dutt make a special appearance in the Yash starrer. Raveena Tandon was applauded by the fans for her role as a badass and ruthless politician in the movie. We recently sat down for an exclusive chat on Bollywood Bubble with Raveena where she opened up about working with Yash and director Prashanth Neel.

Raveena told Bollywood Bubble that she wanted her role to be more than just one scene when she was offered KGF 2, “I wanted to hear the role first. But they had kind of approached me during the end of Chapter 1 itself but Chapter 2 was not completely written. It was there all in Prashant’s mind, the whole story was completely there. But I said, ‘just let it develop a little more and then let’s see’ I didn’t what to be there just for one or two scenes and say ok yeah she is there in the film. I mean three-four scenes, been there done that! But now if I ever say yes to a film. It has to be much more substantial. But seeing the conviction and sincerity that they had, and the belief that Prashant had in the character, I knew it was not going to fail me. With that instinct, I said you develop, ‘I am with you guys.'”

Talking about her ‘badass’ character of Ramika Sen in KGF: Chapter 2, Tandon opened that she was pushed by her director Prashant to give the best shots which is why the character has come out so beautifully, “I think this is also credit for every character, is not solely ours as well. It is also the director’s vision and my dad always taught me that the director is the captain of the ship and you have to give him that respect. That is how I let myself be molded according to what the director’s vision is. If fact I went there and I did my own, my level, my realistic kind o acting like what you’ve seen me in Aranyak, not OTT, but then I would look at Prashant and he would say ma’am a little higher. I’d say, ‘Prashant, it will look too much.’ He’d say, ‘Trust Me’ and I’ll be like ‘ok trust you.’ and then I went full throttle. I would turn and look at him and he would be impressed. I was like ok now this shot is saved.”

Further talking about the movies, Raveena said, “Even though KGF1 and KGF2 may be portrayed as an action movie but until and unless you don’t have the emotions that are there which are holding people’s hearts literally. I don’t think any movie can be a success. The minute your emotions are surface level, it doesn’t work. That is what he manages to bring out in everyone.”

Further talking about working with Yash in KGF: Chapter 2, “I think most of it I was shooting with him. There were only one or two days where I did not shoot. But otherwise, a lot of our scenes are together. He is such a gentleman. It was so much fun shooting with him because sometimes when you are on a set, you’re from Mumbai and he could have had that air that ‘Oh I am Yash’ and ‘yes hello ma’am’ and done his thing. But he made sure even in the scenes to explain to me what he is saying so that my reactions would be good. Even to give the cures he said I will sit and give the cues. That is so sweet. It was wonderful, his dedication, his sincerity and of course the talent that he has is incomparable.”

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KGF2 has been quite the hit at the box office with a total collection of Rs 193.99 crores. The movie collected a total of Rs 53.95 crores on the first day. KGF2 has also got a lot of positive reviews from the audience and critics. Bollywood Bubble gave the movie 3.5 stars, an excerpt from the movie read, “It is a mass entertainer and will be thoroughly enjoyed by the fans. It is indeed a theatre watch as its magnitude and grandness can be enjoyed when seen on a bigger frame.”

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