Richa Chadha helps providing shelter to human trafficking victims

It’s not just films that she is busy with, actress Richa Chadha has also associated herself with social causes and her current venture is a campaign title ‘A Bungalow on The Hill’ that helps in giving shelter to victims of human trafficking.

Talking about the campaign, Richa told IANS: “It basically provides home and shelter to girls who are victim of trafficking. I came across girls who were victim of rape and trafficking so I wanted to do something good for them so I got into it.”

“I also did my research and I was in ground for this campaign,” she added.

The campaign is aiming to raise money for providing a shelter home for women who have been rescued from Human Trafficking.

The actress further reveals her contribution towards this campaign and said: “I don’t do anything half heartedly. I met the people of NGO and then I shot a video which is basically a small documentary then I sat on edit and we composed a music.”

Richa has come forth to be the voice of the campaign and help raise money meant for a shelter home in suburban Mumbai where upto 15 such girls are give various forms of training including dance, vocational training and other activities.

Inputs from IANS

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