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Amidst Coronavirus tension, Rishi Kapoor shares a funny video that will make you go ROFL-Watch video

Image Source - Instagram, Twitter

Rishi Kapoor might be sometimes rude but his jokes and sense of humour amuse us. The outbreak of Coronavirus (Covid-19) has brought the entire world into a standstill. There is not an iota of doubt that there is tension everywhere right now but we can’t sit back gloomy or getting tensed, right? There are people who are making memes and funny videos to lighten up moods.

Also, Bollywood actor Rishi Kapoor has shared a funny video amidst the tension of the novel coronavirus. The actor shared a video of a youngster dancing in a club, who is being interviewed by a reporter who is asking him about the current situation. He replies that scientists have no idea how to stop the pandemic. The reporter then says that alcohol specially vodka kills the virus. The young guy then starts dancing out of happiness. Sharing the funny video on Twitter, Rishi Kapoor wrote, “Go on smile for this youngster’s sake. Times are getting boring and depressing. This s a joke not to be taken seriously! Enjoy!”

Check the video here.

This is really a stress buster, isn’t it?

Meanwhile, Bollywood celebs have decided to stay indoors as a safety measure from Coronavirus. Also, they are urging their fans on social media to stay safe and healthy.

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