rishi kapoor Martin Scorsese review trolled
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Bollywood’s veteran actor Rishi Kapoor recently shared his views on Hollywood’s legendary filmmaker Martin Scorsese’s latest film ‘The Irishman’. After watching the film, Rishi took to the micro-blogging site and commenting on ‘The Irishman’ film he wrote, “IRISHMAN. Painfully slow and boring. What a let down!(sic)”

Starring Robert De Niro and Al Pacino, ‘The Irishman’ is rated 8.3 on IMDB. So obviously netizens were appalled by Rishi Kapoor’s views on the film. They mercilessly trolled the veteran actor.


After Rishi called Martin’s film slow and boring, movie buffs hit him back saying, “Please sir. Didn’t expect this from you. I agree it’s slow but there something called storytelling. I agree people in this fast paced age don’t have patience to watch 3.5 hour movie but the few who are patient, will definitely enjoy the masterpiece.(sic)”

While another user wrote, “Sir je, when you are used to doing movies where the ending is typical, the story is predictable, the direction is horrific, the acting is terrible, the cinematography is bizarre, there is a cheap song after every 15 mins, you actually dont get a masterpiece like the Irishman(sic).”

You can check out some of the other comments made by the trolls on Kapoor’s tweet





Later responding to the backlash for his review, Rishi wrote, “Why is my short review of “Irishman” being taken so personally? Some comparing my films with it with hatred! Unfair, it wasn’t intentional. Some fans asked my opinion-I said so! I hated “Once upon a time in Hollywood” too. Have seen better works of all the actors/directors involved!(sic)”

On the work front, Rishi will be next seen in ‘The Body’ alongside Emraan Hashmi.

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