RJ Anmol on pampering Amrita Rao during pregnancy: She deserves to be treated like princess

Image Source - Instagram

Actress amrita rao and RJ Anmol are expecting their first child. Amrita has entered the ‘ninth month’ of her pregnancy and she recently shared this news on Instagram. The couple is over the moon.

In an interview with Hindustan Times, Anmol said, “I am feeling on the top of the world right now. Look at the luck and the destiny in which I completely believe in. These are things which we do not plan, here I am making my debut on a music reality show which I would have loved to be a part of. Imagine this show was going to come in March but it is now coming at a point when at the same time I am going to become a father.”

Amrita said she is being treated like a princess by Anmol. To which he said, “Amrita is a princess so she deserves to be treated like that. There’s nothing new, that’s the way I have been treating her from day one.”

Also, Anmol feels that the lockdown is a blessing in disguise as they are getting the opportunity to be with each other. He said, “This lockdown has been a blessing in disguise. Who gets the opportunity to be together 24 hours a day at such a time! Talking about dealing with the pandemic, we didn’t move out at all and were very strict and particular about that aspect. I am a very positive soul and I always believe every problem has an opportunity and everything which is going bad will be followed by a good thing.”

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