Rude and harassing, a drunk Hard Kaur assaults a Bollywood Bubble journalist

We, the functioning journalists, are pretty habituated to celebrities throwing tantrums. We have had it from the big shots who believe that in lieu of their time, we should readily accept the tantrums they throw. We’ve also had it from the young brigade as well. However, our encounter with rapper and hip-hop singer Hard Kaur goes to be the most unpleasant experience we’ve had in a long time.

Kaur, who is soon coming up with a music series for digital platforms and has worked with thirty singers across the country, was scheduled for an interview with us this evening; or at least, so were we told. As per our communication with her Public Relations team, our interview will follow a press conference that she was going to address.

However, nothing turned out as planned. In the evening, past 7.30, our team was back at office, hurt and humiliated. Oh, the interview didn’t happen either.

We shot our ‘Break Time’ (a fun portion where we play games with the concerned celebrity) with her and ten of her team members. We bothered to show enough professionalism and include the people we weren’t even informed would be there. But we wish it was reciprocated.

Soon, after ‘Break Time’ got over, we approached her for the ‘Short Talk’ (the real interview). She, however, flatly refused, saying she never promised any such thing. Soon, she was joined by her brother who emphasised on the same.

Not the first time that we’ve gone on field but the interview hasn’t happened. However, at one such situation, what one expects is enough co-operation from the celebrity. But she was in no mood for a sensible conversation.

“She was absolutely drunk. She was stinking drunk. She came to us and said, ‘Look, you aren’t getting a personal interview. If I give it, I will give it with my team only.’

The PR was constantly apologising. But if she was so clear about NOT giving a one-on-one interview, it must have been a mistake from the PR’s side to promise us one. It was clearly written on the message that we had a one-on-one interview. At least at the venue, she should have told us that it wasn’t happening. Why take it to a stage where Hard Kaur herself has to tell us she’d not be giving us one?,” said Rahul (name changed), a DOP present on the location.

So far, it might look like a usual tiff between press and a celebrity. But it is more than that.

“Hard Kaur soon took their (Bollywood Bubble) anchor away. From what I heard, she was approaching her to come to her residence at night and accompany her in smoking ganja (weed). The anchor clearly looked extremely shaken. Earlier during the shoot itself, Hard Kaur was enough rude and the anchor was almost in tears. She almost commanded her to stay there and wait for her till she came back from a scheduled performance. Right now, the anchor was absolutely clueless as to how to escape the situation,” said an eyewitness.

Going by the eyewitness’ version, Hard Kaur also called one of her male assistants to comfort our anchor, who by then, only wanted to LEAVE.

Somehow, our team managed to get out of there.

This will stay us with for quite a while. The Public Relation team’s glitch or a public figure’s irresponsible, drunken behaviour, which one do we consider more unfortunate? Whatever it is, it was us who bore the production cost. We not only wasted our time and resource, but it was a direct assault on our employees.

As part of our work, we continue writing about numerous significant acts of stars, and well, many insignificant ones too. Is it too much  to ask for humane treatment? We guess we’ve earned that much.

Rest, Ms. Hard Kaur, be assured we DO NOT interview you or anyone because we want free weed, some stargazing and the feeling of momentary importance!

Image Source: Bollywood Life