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Veteran actor Dilip Kumar left this world for his heavenly abode in July last year. He passed away on July 7. The date tomorrow marks the first death anniversary of veteran actor Dilip Kumar and ahead of the day, his wife, actress Saira Banu remembered him. Saira Banu spoke about Dilip Kumar in an emotional note, a day before his first death anniversary.

Saira Banu shared a note she wrote, remembering the thespian, with ETimes. In her note, she said she feels a “sense of desolation” every morning when she wakes up, alone on the bed she shared with her late husband for 55 years. The actress said she buries her face in the pillow. She said, “I turn my face away and bury my face in the pillow and try to go back to sleep… as if by doing so I will open my eyes again and see him sleeping by my side, his pink cheeks glowing in the morning rays of the sun streaming into the room.”


In the note further, Saira Banu said that her late husband was the only perfect man for her, since she fell in love with him at age 12. She called her love-story what fairy tales are made of. The veteran actress called herself fortunate as she “jumped the long queue of women who were hoping to be Mrs Dilip Kumar.”


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Saira Banu spoke about dealing with her loss and shared, “The only reality that we all have to come to terms with. When you lose the most precious people in your life, I have reckoned that, more than the loss, it is the painful acceptance of the fact that you are powerless before the will of God.

She recalled how the late actor was and said he was “a man who was as simple and pure as a child at heart and yet had a wealth of experience, wisdom and knowledge to impart to me and chisel my personality as only he could.

In the note, Banu also shared how Dilip Kumar valued his respect and position in the Indian cinema. She said he wasn’t as other actors who took the fame for granted. The veteran actress mentioned that Kumar was also a father figure to his siblings. Banu also recalled how her mother saved a special crockery only for her son-in-law and how Kumar discussed classical Hindustani music and Urdu poetry with her grandmother.

Dilip Kumar and Banu tied the knot in 1966. Kumar was 44 while Banu was at the age of 22.

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