Sandhya Mridul on domestic violence: Can’t fathom the pain and fear, it makes me emotional

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Sandhya Mridul had recently launched a video campaign where she was urging the survivors and witnesses of domestic violence to come forward and speak against what they had faced. There are videos and also news on social media that during this lockdown, there is a rise in cases of domestic violence.

While talking to Hindustan Times about the campaign, Sandhya said, “I read some scary statistics of violence against women, children and rape. Violence can be sexual, mental, physical and it bothered me. It frightens me that there are people stuck in those situations. There are days when I feel, I am lonely and this is so hard, so imagine being stuck in a situation where you can’t get out. I can’t fathom the pain and fear. It makes me emotional even to speak about it.”

She also said that there are days when she feels claustrophobic in her own house being Alone. “Imagine the kind of emotional claustrophobia one would feel if they are stuck with someone who is hurting them. So when I was approached for the campaign, I jumped at it,” she said.

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Locked in Unsafe Spaces: Actor Sandhya Mridul appeals citizens to report cases of domestic violence If you are a silent witness to a case of domestic violence, you are as guilty as the one indulging in it, says actor Sandhya Mridul in a newly-released video campaign that urges bystanders to be as vigilant as survivors in seeking help by calling the National Helpline for Domestic Violence. While the main intention behind the lockdown was to protect people from getting exposed to the deadly virus, statistics have shown that women have ended up becoming more vulnerable to abuse — the National Commission for Women (NCW) recently reported 587 complaints on their helpline number and online portal since the lockdown kicked into effect in March. While on the one hand several women have taken to social media sharing stories of how just being at home in this period has ensured safety from gendered assault and harassment, on the other hand gender experts and women rights activists have been raising concerns. The lockdown has presented a challenging situation for lakhs of women caught in difficult situations with their abusers, with no looming respite. Financial uncertainty, lack of access to basics and struggles of confinement have aggravated the situation. Sandhya Mridul, who is known for her honesty and forthrightness on a range of issues, says that the video is not just shedding light on a bitter reality, but also calling out our own hypocrisy in dealing with this situation. “Such a grave issue cannot be just regarded as someone else's problem, or a personal matter. We cannot be mere bystanders; we need to take ownership as a community and stand up against what is wrong. This lockdown was imposed for the safety of people, but the flip side is that because of it, many women are not safe in their own homes,” she says. @jhatkaadotorg @waatavaran @ceed_india @NCWIndia @aiindia @amnesty @turtleonahammockfilms

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The actress also said that via the campaign, she is trying to reach out to as many people as possible as she feels this is the time to help people who are less privileged than us. She wants to be a part of the stuff that makes a difference.

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