Sanjay Dutt’s daughter Trishala remembers her late boyfriend; says, “In the past year I’ve cried to a point where I’ve ran out of tears”

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The last few months have been very tough for Sanjay Dutt‘s daughter Trishala Dutt as she lost her boyfriend in July last year. On the occasion of her beau’s first death anniversary, Trishala shared a very heartwrenching note and recalled how she coped with his death.

Sharing a picture with her late boyfriend, Trishala recalled how she went for therapy joined support groups to get over her boyfriend’s death. She went on to say that even her mom’s death at the age of eight couldn’t prepare her for losing her beau. “Today marks 1 year since the ground beneath me seemed to crumble and my life changed. I’ve done a lot of grief work—from talk therapy, to joining specific support groups & being more intentional with how & who I spend my time with. I’ve also been somewhat absent from social media over the past year. Losing my mom at the age of eight & working through that for over two decades, surprisingly, did not prepare me for loosing this beautiful soul. It’s not just the passage of time, you don’t get over it or move on just because a year or twenty go by. You have to face the darkest moments & ride out the rollercoaster of emotions for the rest of your life,” she wrote.



Sharing about how she quit her job and gained weight in last one year, she wrote, “In the past year I’ve cried to a point where I’ve ran out of tears. I had to quit my job because how could I take care of someone’s mental health if my own was a disaster? I’ve had several public breakdowns where strangers have come up to me and asked if I needed any assistance. I’ve also eaten everything in sight and gained 30lbs (13kg).”

Further, she credited her therapist, friends and support group for helping her heal. “I’m happy to share my mental health and physique has gotten so much better! Also, I’m not ashamed to admit it’s because of an amazing therapist, support groups, and 3 beautiful friends. My memories are all I have left of him, and I will never ever forget him. I’m half a heart without him, but even with that, I still and will always be and feel like the luckiest girl in the entire world to have been his…as he was mine. October 07, 1986 – July 02, 2019,” she concluded.

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