Sanjay Dutt’s special gift to Ranbir Kapoor

‘Tamasha’ star Ranbir Kapoor will soon start preparing for his next film which is a biopic of Sanjay Dutt. We all know that Sanjay Dutt’s life has been a roller coaster ride and this biopic which would be directed by Raj Kumar Hirani will highlight some unknown events of his life.

Since the time the news of Sanjay Dutt’s biopic hit the headlines, the strong bond between Ranbir Kapoor and Sanjay Dutt too has been highlighted. The two actors share an extremely special bond and are very close to each other. Going by a recent interview of Ranbir Kapoor, the two stars have such a strong connection that Sanjay Dutt even gifted Ranbir Kapoor a Harley Davidson on his birthday. The young star said, “I have grown up around him. So, we are that friendly. On my birthday he gifted me a Harley Davidson. We are that close.”

To portray any character on screen it’s necessary to know that person really well and it seems that Ranbir would be able to pull off Sanjay’s character perfectly, with this special bond between the two. The young actor is also willing to undergo a physical transformation to look like his 56 year old friend on screen.

Sanjay is currently serving his five year imprisonment in Yerwada jail and was last seen in movie PK alongside Aamir Khan.