Shah Rukh Khan on playing Mufasa in ‘The Lion King’: Parents’ teachings never go away

Image Source - Instagram

Several industry people have started praising Aryan for his debut venture (he is giving the voice for ‘The Lion King’s Simba in Hindi). In a video, Aryan will surely surprise you with his voice which is somewhat similar to his father.

The ‘Zero’ actor, who will be voicing for King Mufasa, believes one remembers the teachings of one’s parents only when they are gone. While talking about the film, Shah Rukh said in a statement that, “The story inheritably gives a lot of morals. I personally don’t look for morals in a movie and enjoy it as pure Entertainment. It is inheritably entertaining because it does talk about relationships. Many times, when kids are growing with their parents, they don’t realize that what their parents say could actually come handy much later on.

It’s unfortunate that you remember the teachings of your parents when they are not in your life,” he added further.

The Lion King‘ Hindi has an interesting cast comprising of Ashish Vidyarthi (who will dub for Simba’s villainous uncle Scar), Shreyas Talpade and Sanjay Mishra (who will dub for Simba’s close friends Timon and Pumbaa) and Asrani (who will voice the hornbill named Zazu).

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