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Siddharth Gupta on living with Sushant Singh Rajput: He didn’t like being alone

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Sushant Singh Rajput passed away in June after committing suicide and his friends and fans still can’t wrap their mind around it. The nation is still in mourning of a brilliant actor and human’s loss. Sushant’s close friend Siddharth Gupta, who is known for his appearance in the music video of ‘Vaaste’, recently opened up about being Sushant’s roommate and how was it living with him.

Sidharth said that before he got ‘Vaaste’ he was living with a very dear friend who was Sushant and it was a deeply spiritual phase. Talking to Quint he said, “He was everything that doesn’t have a definition to be very honest, he was a mentor, he was a brother,” he added, “Staying with him was like getting inspired everyday. The reason we connected was a lot of common interests, we were a lot into sports, I’m majorly into sports he was majorly into sports, I’m an engineer, he is an engineer, I’m into science he is into science. And beyond that, he took me to the other side of it where he made me understand the biggest thing, consciousness, he was a maverick.”

Siddharth said that Sushant did not like being Alone, he said, “He was a mad person. I thought he was a genetic specimen. He didn’t like being alone.”

Siddharth spoke more about Sushant saying, “I’ve met him at different phases, and in every phase, he was a different person. He could talk about anything under the sun. One thing that I learned from him is that consciousness is something we should be grateful for.”

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