Sonu Sood Bags ‘Happy New Year’ Due to a Blank Paper

Sonu Sood‘s persistence paid of and he bagged a role in ‘Happy New Year‘ opposite Shahrukh Khan. A dream come true for the ‘Punjabi Munda’. All thanks to a piece of blank paper with Farah Khan‘s signature on it .

According to sources, “More than a year ago, Sonu had met Farah at a reality show and jokingly asked her to sign a blank paper after she promised him a role in a SRK film. Farah forgot about it but Sonu did not.” The moment he heard she is casting for her movie he contacted her but as he was lean at that moment so was asked to put on muscle .
“He hit the gym with a vengeance and kept Farah posted with shirtless pictures. On the ninth day of his regime, he sent the team a picture , SRK saw it and gave him the thumbs up.”

Well at last Sonu’s dream has come true.