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Sport of wrestling got a boost thanks to Salman Khan’s ‘Sultan’

Seems like Salman Khan and Anushka Sharma starrer ‘Sultan’ is not just a winner at the Box Office, but also amongst youngsters of Hyderabad, who have apparently shown keen interest towards the sport of wrestling.

As per a report, many akhadas in the city have received hundreds of enquiries and more than half of them have joined already. A wrestler Shailendra Singh also known as Kalia Pahelwan who has been teaching wrestling for free said, “A few who had dropped out are also coming back now.”

Yashwant Singh, 17 year old boy said, “I want to become like Sultan and win medals for my country. The part where the village cheers for Sultan in the movie inspired me. I would also want people of my area to recognise me for my contribution to the country.” Another boy, Mohammad Awais, also joined wrestling after watching ‘Sultan’ said, “I saw the movie and saw scope in wrestling. How Salman is determined to win laurels for the country inspired me. The way he bounces back and takes up his passion again at the end of the movie was inspiring too. I practice now for two hours every day, and I am very dedicated to the sport.”

We are happy that this old sport which was fading away has received an impetus thanks to the movie and Salman Khan’s star power and influence on his fans.

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