Sussanne Roshan: I am still Sussanne Roshan not, Khan

Superstar Hrithik Roshan‘s estranged wife Sussanne Roshan handles a number of roles like a pro, that is of a mother, daughter, entrepreneur but not a wife. Sussanne broke-up with husband in December last year and though separated Sussanne says that she is still Sussanne Roshan.



As per sources, on being asked by which name is she going, Susanne said “Sussanne Roshan, of course.The important thing is knowing that you are not doing anything wrong. Just because two people are not together doesn’t mean that they have a bad relationship. Whether it is as an entrepreneur, as a mother or as an ex, you have to be true to yourself.”

In fact, Hrithik and Sussanne are perfect parents to their children and together celebrated birthday of their son Hrehaan. It was a garden party and Sussanne had made all the arrangements.