Suraj Pancholi Moves High Court For Bail

Suraj Pancholi after being denied bail in lower court has moved the High Court for bail. Suraj was arrested on charges of abetting suicide of actress Jiah Khan. The session court had rejected his bail on June 21 on observation that the investigation papers clearly revealed that the victim was subjected to ill treatment by Suraj.

As per sources , Suraj Lawyers claim, that the letters allegedly written by Jiah, in which she had spoken about torture and abortion that the police is using as dying declaration to charge Suraj with abetting of suicide does not mention his name nor does it mention, when the torture or abortion took place.

Even the the session court while rejecting bail pointed out that the authenticity of the letter was difficult to confirm.On the other hand Suraj lawyer’s contend that the signature does not match.The appeal for bail will be heard by the High Court on July 5.