Swara Bhasker slams the government again; calls migrant workers dying in the trains out of hunger as ‘murder’

Image Source - Instagram

Due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, the situation in the nation seems to be worsening day by day. Migrants and daily wagers are the ones trapped in the worst kind of situation. There are very limited travel options currently and migrants are holding onto any help they are getting to reach their homes. And there’s been a lot of chaos due to the start of a limited amount of trains and their delays.

Recently, Swara Bhasker reacted to a similar heartbreaking report relating to the migrants. A news report suggested that a few people died due to hunger as the train took 9 days to reach the destination instead of two. Reacting to it, Swara called it murder.

A Twitter user sharing the news wrote, “इसका जवाब देंगे रेल मंत्री? दो दिन के बदले 9 दिन में क्यों पहुंच रहीं है श्रमिक ट्रेनें? भूख और प्यास से एक दिन में इन ट्रेनों में 7 मौतें (Will Railway Minister answer this? Why are laborers arriving in 9 days instead of two? 7 deaths in these trains in one day due to hunger and thirst).” Sharing the tweet, Swara wrote, “This is murder.”

Meanwhile, Swara is doing as much as she can in arranging vehicles for the migrants so that they can reach their homes safely. She has been using her social media profile to spread awareness and to be helpful. Reportedly, she has helped around 1350 migrants to reach home safely. That is a very thoughtful and noble deed by Swara.

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