Taapsee Pannu reveals that she was eve-teased when she was in Delhi

Taapsee Pannu reveals that she was eve-teased when she was in Delhi

Taapsee Pannu

After delivering an impactful performance in ‘PINK’, Taapsee Pannu is back with a fierce role in ‘Naam Shabana’. The film, which is a prequel to Akshay Kumar’s ‘Baby’, has Taapsee playing the role of an undercover agent who is no less any other male cop. If you have watched the trailer of ‘Naam Shabana’, you would know that the film is full of action with Taapsee carrying out the stunts on her own. Not just that, through their promotions, Taapsee and the makers of the film are doing their bit and encouraging girls to learn self-defence.

But in one of her latest interviews with Hindustan Times, Taapsee has revealed a few unfortunate situations she has suffered and how she wish that she had learnt self defence a little early.

When asked about there she has been ever molested or assaulted, she said, “Thankfully, I haven’t been assaulted, but eve-teased, yes. I have spent my initial life in Delhi and I have travelled in DTC buses. I have been in crowded places where men touch you inappropriately or grope you.”

When further probed and asked as to how did she react to the situation, she said, “I just didn’t. I never reacted to these incidents. I was brought up to believe it was my fault if someone misbehaved with me. I was scared that if my parents came to know about it, they would lock me up and won’t allow me to step out. There was this one time when a man had his hand near my butt and twisted his finger, but I did not have the courage to even turn around and look at him. After I learnt self-defence, I have never faced such situation.”

Well, its really important for all the females out there to learn self-defence to avoid any such instance.

‘Naam Shabana’ is slated to release on March 31, 2017. (Also Read: Taapsee Pannu has launched a sexual harassment helpline for women. You go girl!)

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