The Family Man actress Priyamani’s marriage to Mustafa Raj is ‘invalid’, claims his first wife

Image Source - Instagram

Actress Priyamani earned accolades for her performance in The Family Man series. The show also received rave reviews from the audience and critics alike. While Priyamani’s professional life is going great, looks like things are not going smooth in her personal life. Priyamani is married to Mustafa Raj. Now Mustafa’s first wife Ayesha has challenged his marriage to the actress. Ayesha has called Mustafa’s second marriage invalid claiming that he is still married to her.

According to ETimes report, Ayesha and Mustafa ended their marriage in 2013. They have two kids. In 2017, Mustafa tied the knot with Priyamani. And now Ayesha has challenged Mustafa and Priyamani’s marriage in court. Alleging that Mustafa is still married to her, Ayesha told the daily, “Mustafa is still married to me. Mustafa and Priyamani’s marriage is invalid. We have not even filed for divorce and while marrying Priyamani, he declared in the court that he was a bachelor.”

Whereas Mustafa has refuted all the claims made by his first wife. He has called it an attempt to extort money from him. He also clarified that he is providing child support to Ayesha. In fact, Mustafa questioned why Ayesha took so long to file the case against him.

Responding to Mustafa’s question, Ayesha told the daily, “As a mother of two children, what can you do? One tries to sort it out amicably but only when it doesn’t work out, some steps need to be taken because you don’t want to lose out on time which he has been using against me now.”

Previously, in an exclusive interview with Bollywood Bubble, talking about her husband, The Family Man actress had said, “Personally for me, I have become busier after marriage. So I always say I think Mustafa has been my lucky charm. I thank god that I go a wonderful partner like that who supports me in my work.”

The actress is yet to comment on this on-going feud between her husband and his ex-wife.

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