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WATCH: ‘Noblemen’s trailer starring Kunal Kapoor will leave you impressed

How many of you have experienced bullying in school? I am sure quite a few of you have. Based on the same concept, ‘Noblemen’ seems to be a great film from first impressions.

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So without further ado, here’s presenting the trailer:

Isn’t it intriguing? We bet it is!

In an Instagram post, Kunal Kapoor had shared, “It talks about an issue that our movies haven’t really explored, bullying and the mental, physical and emotional scars it leaves. In our movies, schools and colleges are usually perfect. But life isn’t. It’s the imperfect world that is real. This is about that imperfect world, and the challenges that kids face everyday in school, that can either make them stronger or destroy them.

In an interview with BizAsia, the film’s director Vandana Kataria said, “‘Noblemen’ touches upon bullying, a social evil that exists not only in our schools and colleges, but also in our homes, our workplaces, and in society at large. Today we see it take all kinds of forms – as trolls on social media, as religious factions that Force their agendas upon the public, and of late as politics of extremism. ‘Noblemen’ is one such story that shows the tussle between the bullied and their bullies. Set in an all boys boarding school, it mirrors society’s current totalitarian drift.

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