When Suraj Pancholi’s mother met Jiah Khan’s mother

Zarina Wahab Suraj Pancholi’s mother decided to go and meet Rabiya Khan, Jiah Khan’s mother but the meeting as expected was a complete disaster. The Pancholi family was at wits end as to how to protect their son from hate the legal imbroglio and Zarina felt that meeting Rabia face to face will solve the dilemma , as it was the right thing to do. Aditya Pancholi therefore asked is friend to accompany his wife to Khan’s residence.

As per sources,Rabiya Khan lashed out at Zarina watching this drama unfold was Rabiya’s current boyfriend Tom Thomas,when Zarina reminded Rabiya of Suraj visiting her to express concern over Jiah’s hyper behavior and even advising her to teak her to a counselor,  why she did not do the needful.

Rabiya became very angry and went back inside so Tom rudely sent the Pancholi women on their way.Looks Like the wounds are too deep to yet heal .