Willing to help you: Anupam Kher to disabled girl

Veteran actor Anupam Kher has told a disabled girl that he and his company are willing to help her come forward and speak about the disability.

The 60-year-actor, who was having a chat session with his fans on micro-blogging website Twitter, received a tweet from a user who wrote: “@AnupamPkher sir Mai ek physically challenge girl and I really want to come forward to speak disability but need help for this. (Sir I am a physically challenged girl and I would really like to come forward to speak about it, but i need help for this.)”

Anupam, took the opportunity and replied to the girl saying: “write to herman@anupamkhercompany.com. We willing (are) will (to) help you.”

The Anupam Kher company is the parent company for all the business lines of the actor.

These span from Actor Prepares, an acting school to Kucch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai – The School of Life, a life-coaching programme.

Inputs by IANS