Zarina Wahab – Suraj has a lot of me in him

The last few days for the Pancholi family has been full of pain but the person most affected is Zarina Wahab . Suraj Pancholi’s mother, this fine actress of her time who had successfully depicted the girl next door in Basu Chatterjee movies with co star Amol Palekar, is at present a mother who is concerned about her son languishing in jail and being branded as the villain in Jiah Khan Suicide case.

As per information, Zarina said, “Suraj is equally close to Aditya and I, but there is a lot of me in Suraj. My son cannot raise his hand on anybody,neither smokes nor drinks. He is an extremely shy and sensitive boy. He is broken. If he was bad, I would myself say lock him up. But I want Suraj to be my son in my next 10 births. He has gone inside as a villain. I pray he comes out as a hero.”

Zarina said that Rabiya (Jiah’s mother) is making Suraj a scapeegoat “Jiah and Suraj were in love,If her mother speaks like this about Suraj, will Jiah’s soul rest in peace?”

Well let’s wait and watch, what turn the law takes in this matter.