‘2016 The End’: Director Jaideep Chopra is all praise for Kiku Sharda

Kiku Sharda, who has enacted numerous characters on Kapil Sharma‘s comedy show, has set a benchmark for himself with his performances. He is the man who can make you laugh at any given time and his skills are something that are extraordinary. Now this comedian is moving onto the big screen and will be seen in a film called ‘2016 The End’.

Directed by Jaideep Chopra, ‘2016 The End’ has a unique story to narrate. It is about a group of people who realise that the world is coming to an end and hence, to make the most of their remaining days on earth, they indulge into some fun activities. And how and what they do is something that we will have to see once the film releases.

So in an interview with the director, we asked him how was it working with Kiku Sharda. To this, he stated, “Great, great… he is such a brilliant actor. He improvises so much and so conveniently, that we had to check the script if that improvisation was there in the script itself. Moreover, he is a very intelligent and nice person and now a very close friend of mine.”

Further we also asked him about the competition that his film will face as many films are releasing on October 6. We asked him whether he is scared, to which he replied, “Should I? No I am not scared at all. No one can ever get a date on which only their film is releasing unless you have big stars. We always knew we will have competition with other films as well. Moreover our film can be watched with families, but the others films can’t… hope so… let other films be scared of our film.” [sic] (Also Read: How Rahul Roy joined the cast of ‘2016 The End’. Director reveals…)